Lot sales at Alapine are currently on hold. We are taking a waiting list.

The two-acre lots at Alapine that are currently served by existing utilities are undeveloped and cost $18,000.

The remaining lots that currently are not served by utilities will be more expensive as the cost to run water lines has increased dramatically. All lots must pay the infrastructure fee whether they use the utilities or not.

The cost to develop a lot increased dramatically during 2021. We are reluctant to suggest the cost involved in developing raw land at this time. It depends on:

      • Amount of lot preparation and tree removal

      • Driveway length and design

      • Length of water line or choice of rain water collection system, or combination

      • Length of electric lines and choice of overhead or underground service, or solar collection, or combination

      • Length of field lines and size of septic tank depending on the amount of bedrooms and baths in the dwelling